Dear Space-X & Elon Musk. A successful manned journey to mars would be a fantastic accomplishment for mankind. But conjecture on this site points to possible difficulties for any space-bound biological system headed there. The model we are building indicates that our cell metabolism is driven, at least partially, by the gravitational and centrifugal strain cycles our earthbound bodies experience as we rotate with the earth and revolve around the sun (the gravitational acceleration from the sun, at ~ 1/1700th g, is quite large in a biological environment where metabolic events occur over hours, days, and months). The primary strain cycle has a circadian period and is conjectured to be essential to the health of the cell. As we travel off of the earth, the magnitude and the frequency of these cycles will change. This is especially problematic during the many months it will take to travel from the earth to mars when those driving rhythms will be completely absent - but it is also critical once we land on mars, for the orbital period and magnitude of strain will be different. The patterns of strain energy, twisted into the torsional structures of our proteins and cell cytosol - so critical to maintaining metabolic order - will simply be different from that which drove the evolution of our biology. Before we begin such a journey, we need to investigate methods for artificially producing these strains cycles such that our metabolic pathways will operate properly within the 'quiet' environment of freespace and within the altered acceleration environment of mars.

To begin this inquiry, please see the conjecture at this link:

Gravitational Strain as a Driving Mechanism of Cell Metabolism