We're a small group of motivated researchers located in Berkeley with a big goal - to stimulate new thinking about the physics of the cell and advance related technology and treatment for cell disorders. Our goal is to work quickly enough to make a significant difference in the lives of our friends, family, and community members who have been afflicted with such disorders.

Seeking such rapid advancement sometimes involves the inclusion of emerging physics and biology that has not yet been verified but which has been speculated about in the scientific community. While this process may not adhere to the conventions of 'good science', it does not necessarily represent 'bad science' either – as it allows for new ideas to be opened for debate at a rate not limited by the longer timelines associated with the conjecture+fund+experiment+publish cycle. This site is simply a means for a group of ideas - that we believe are in crucial need of confirmation, modification, or refutation - to be explored. Excuse* the typos, excuse* any misstatements or numerical errors, and help us focus on the science.

If you would like to participate in this research, or help advance this work by sponsoring specific experiments, or would like to invest in the highly-speculative but highly-rewarding side of IP related to this research, please contact us at: inquiry@celll.org

For a more established set of ideas about biology, the reader might begin here: www.ibiology.org

A good reference database for bio-numbers may be found at: www.bionumbers.hms.harvard.edu

To contribute to conventional cancer research, the reader might begin at the American Cancer Society: www.donate.cancer.org